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March 1, 2018

15 Gotta-Have Amenities for Every Vacation Rental Home

Part of being a great host is providing a great customer experience to your guests. This great customer experience relies a lot on the amenities that you choose to have in your vacation rental property. Amenities are a big part of what travelers look for when they go to your listing. This is going to be one of the breaking points to whether or not you will get a bookings. Amenities can be the one thing that sets your vacation home apart from the rest. In this article we are going to take a look at 15 gotta-have amenities for every vacation rental home owner.

If you want to be a super host then you have to provide exceptional customer service. Below is a  list of the top fifteen most important amenities you can provide to your guests for great reviews and returning customers.


Dont leave dogs left out! More and more guests are looking for hosts that accept pets into their home. People’s pets are a part of the family and going away with everyone but having to leave their beloved dog at home isn’t a great customer experience. We understand why some hosts are hesitant to host with pets but if you fill out a contract as well as get a damage deposit it’s not as stressful as it may seem.


We strongly encourage hosts to get an automated lock system to their vacation rentals. This can be either in the form of a touch-pad entry lock or an automated lock-box that holds the keys on premises. This creates a convenience for guests knowing they don’t have to be in a rush and can take their time on the drive up. Remember part of the reason people are renting your vacation home is to have a relaxing week/weekend. Making the experience as relaxing and convenient as possible will ensure returning guests.


This is a very good amenity to have that guests love. If guests are staying for a longer duration such as 3 to 7 days they tend to like to keep up on their laundry. It’s also nice to be able to bring clean clothes home and not have to deal with a huge pile all at once. If your vacation rental doesn’t have a laundry room of its own we recommend letting your guests know where the closest laundromat is in town.


Depending on where your vacation home is located this can be a deal breaker for guests. Let’s say you have a home in Muskoka Ontario on a lake. Guests are going to find listings that include kayaks, canoes, paddle boards more appealing over ones that don’t. They may even opt for a less appealing property if it includes equipment for the lake. It’s all about creating a great experience for your guests.


Build up a rental cleaning kit to store in your vacation home. Stock it with the essential cleaning products. If you want you can prepare an instructions manual showing which products to use in certain rooms or on certain products of the house. Leave the cleaning kit somewhere where guests can see it. This will encourage them to clean up after themselves.


Even though most guests don’t rent a vacation home to sit around and watch TV, they do still consider it an important amenity to have. You never know when you’re going to get rained in for the day.

You don’t even need cable TV, you can have basic antenna TV but at least offer access to either Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle or Hulu.


Although people like to get away and disconnect for a week, they don’t like to disconnect completely. Guests see Wi-Fi as a necessity. Often times people need to check on their emails while on vacation due to work. Guests also enjoy being able to go on their phones while on vacation to check social media networks.


Leave a binder in your vacation rental with brochures to all the local activities in the area. Also you’ll want to have any upcoming events that are happening in the area in this binder. This will ensure your guests have the right knowledge to make the most of their trip in the short amount of time they have there. Also if they see upcoming events going on that are happening later on that’s intriguing to them, it gives them all the more reason to come back and give you more business! Leave a list of the top 10 to 15 best restaurants in the area. Awesome food is always a plus to any vacation. You want your guests to have as good a time if not better time than you do. Great tasting food is a sure way to achieve this and keep guests coming back every year for more.

If you follow these simple steps… your guests won’t need to look around or google for the best things to do in the area. They will already know where to go and what to do because you as the host did a great job in helping informing your guests. This will make them feel more like a local at home rather than a guest.


You’re going to want to be accommodating when you get the guests that love to cook. Lots of guests opt to cook while on vacation as a means to save money. The essentials for any vacation rental include: coffee maker, crockpot, blender, and a tea kettle.


This is the most basic bathroom amenity you can offer. Guests will be blown away when they walk into a fully stocked washroom. You should always set the bar high and offer all necessities. These include: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, mouthwash and toothpaste.


Always have a hair dryer on hand in any vacation rental. If you want to go the extra mile you can leave a curling iron and other accessories as well.


Towels can make a big differences in your guests overall experience. Buy Towels that will look great in your washroom. You also want your towels to be soft and of good quality.


Quality linens don’t have to be crazy expensive anymore. You can find amazing deals on good quality linens on platforms such as Groupon and These sheets will make a huge difference in your guest’s experience. Insure to throw in some fluffy pillows to insure word of mouth advertising and returning guests.


Be sure to leave lots of hangers in the closets for guests to use during their stay. An ironing board and an iron are important to have for guests to use for their wrinkly clothes when taking them out of suitcases.


If your vacation rental is the beach or on a lake, be sure to have beach towels ready for your guests to use. Fold-up chairs are a nice touch to have laying around your vacation home as well. If you have them, you could also offer inflatables for more fun in the water!

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