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March 1, 2018

7 Ways to Respond to a Negative Review on Your Vacation Rental Property.

When guests book a vacation, often times there is a lot of work and prep leading up to finally booking their accommodation. If a guest’s dream vacation becomes anything less than the perfect getaway, they’re most likely to make noise about it. Whatever the matter may have been that made their trip not so perfect, a negative review is a negative review. Negative reviews are never easy to read as a vacation rental owner, neither are they for potential guests. Do not fear however, in this blog were going to teach you 7 ways to respond to a negative review on your vacation rental property.

Bad reviews can happen, they’re part of the business. Even when you think you’ve gone above and beyond, some people just cannot be pleased. Don’t worry though, in this article you’re going to learn how to deal with and rectify a bad review. We’re going to break down the steps and different ways you can go about dealing with a bad review in a professional manner.



I’m going to start this off simple. Negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing. Actually they’re a good thing if you play your cards right. A negative review offers you the perfect opportunity to showcase to potential guests your customer service and how you deal with a bad review and what you do to rectify the situation. If guests see you worked with a guest that left a bad review and resolved the situation and in the end everyone was happy, they’re going to see that you care and went above and beyond to make your guests feel at home. This will make potential guests feel more comfortable booking with you knowing that you will do whatever you can to make sure they enjoy their vacation.

95% of your guests will recognize that things happen. Mix-ups happen, accidents happen and sometimes in the middle of living a busy life things get overlooked. As long as the people responsible for the vacation rental in question doesn’t blame or ignore the guest, they’ll most likely be understanding grateful for your quick response.



Receiving your first negative review may have you feeling a few different things. You may feel anger, shock, or even guilt. Negative reviews can come when you least expect it. Even when you’ve tried everything to work with your guests and make them feel at home, sometimes you have to accept not everyone can be pleased. However you always have to respond to your reviews, both positive and negative, though there are certain things to bear in mind before you start writing your reply.



Gain as much information as possible as to why your guests experience was a negative one. You want your response to be 100% accurate. The more you know the easier it will be for you to quickly resolve the issue and make things right.


When it comes time to respond to the guests review, the first thing you should do is thank them for the feedback. Acknowledge the negative feedback and let them know when guests leave feedback to let you know about their experiences its lets you have the chance to improve how you run your vacation rental business to their benefit and future guests.


When you receive a bad review, you may feel anger, annoyed, stressed or all of these together. It is advised to wait to respond to any negative reviews. Wait until you’ve had some time to think and consider where your guest is coming from. Once you’re calmed down respond to that review. Avoid any defensive response as this most likely will not resolve the negative review.


There is nothing worse for a vacation rental owner than when a guest doesn’t say anything about having a bad experience until they’ve gotten home. This gives the host no chance to resolve any of the issues while they are staying in the vacation home. When this does happen take the opportunity to explain to them you would’ve preferred them to mention any problems they had during the stay so you could have the opportunity to help make their vacation a better experience.

A good way to avoid this is to give them your contact info at the beginning of the stay and tell them to contact you if any issues arise during their stay.


If your guests did say anything positive, address these positives. When it is time to talk about the negatives, confirm the details and validate them as negatives. Try to have an explanation on your side without placing blame on the guests. Remember it’s just one review out of many more to come, it’s not the end of the world!


If you did any work to resolve the issues during the guests stay at your vacation property; remind them. This could be any communication you had during their stay, compensation you may have returned to them (if offered), and any solutions that were presented that they were unhappy with.


You should always follow up a negative review with a short and honest response. That should be the end of it. If a guest responds again you should find a more private setting to talk over the guests concerns (phone, email, text). Never have a full out discussion in your review sections for all of your previous and future guests to see. It’s all about staying calm and being a professional.

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