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How it Works – Guests

January 15, 2018 by mcitron

Getting Started

When a guest first comes to the LodgeSmarter platform they are required to create an account in order to inquire or book any of our listings. This is needed in order for us to verify the guests. Once this is done guests are also required to create a stripe account (insert create account link here) in order to use a secure payment processing method. This stripe account is what will be used to move money from our guests to host. Stripe is a leader in secure payment processing you can read more about them here (insert link here).

Once your LodgeSmarter account and stripe account is setup you are ready to book properties on our platform. You can browse properties in Ontario, Quebec, Florida and Michigan and if you see one you like you are now able to book it! When you book a property, before its finalized the host will want you to sign a lease agreement for your time at their property. They will send you a pdf file of the lease agreement, you are required to print it out, sign it, and send it back signed to the host. Once this is done your booking will be confirmed and you are set for vacation. How you retrieve the keys to the properties depends on the host. Some hosts have keypad locks where no key is necessary while others like to do it the old fashioned way and hide the keys somewhere on the property or meet in person to do the exchange.

Once you and the host figure out the key retrieval you are all set to enjoy the vacation property! Once back from vacation LodgeSmarter strongly encourages leaving a review on the hosts profile so other potential guests can see if the hosts was good to deal with and if your vacation was overall an enjoyable experience.



Guests are charged a service fee depending on the number of days they book. If a guest books only one night they will be charged 14%. If a guest books an entire seven day week they will be charged a 7% service fee. As you can see the service fee percentage drops by the number of days booked. Starting from 14% at one night the percentage drops by a percentage for each additional night booked. A two night stay will be charged a service fee of 13%, three nights 12%, four nights 11%, and five nights 10% and so on…

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